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Unfortunately, not all texts and functions are translated into English. But we are working with high pressure...

Rental of classic cars of all types
for movie, photography and as an event props

Wartburg 353 People's Police
Ford A Taxi
Volkswagen Type 82
Willys MB
EMW 340
UAZ 469
Ford Rheinland
Ford AA

I fall back on a large pool of vehicles of various brands and equipment features from almost every era of the automobile age. I also work together with reliable partners and their 'fleets' across the country. From the 1920 Ford Model A over World War II Army vehicles to a Wartburg of the People's Police in East Germany, I offer you a wide selection for your needs. Find out more about the available vehicles ...

I assume for you the delivery and pickup of hired vehicles, for more complex or further transport services but I am working together with external transport companies. The support and maintenance during the filming is with my offer, of course. Furthermore, special designs according to your requirements, including for example special structures or paintings, will be enabled. For extras services related to my cars, I am also ready. Look for more information in the service area ...

The vehicles are hired by the day or for the complete shooting or your planned event. Even short-term requests are possible. All ways of communication are open to you - talk to me! Contact me to get a free detailed offer ...

If you will not find what you are looking for on this site, please contact me anyway. I would be happy to assist you to implement your wishes and ideas in practice also in larger scale as it includes the supply of these pages.

Vintage Car Rental Bernhard Mühlbauer - Vintage Cars and other vehicles for Movie, Photography, as an Event props and more. From Berlin, Germany, in action for you! Convince yourself by the references ...

Do you own a classic car and want to sell it? I am constantly in search of ready to drive classic cars and special vehicles. Send me a quote for your 'Oldie' ...

Please note that the offered cars are not being rented out for weddings and other private events.

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Vintage Car Rental Bernhard Mühlbauer
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